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Taj Mahal Review
An International Journal (ISSN 0972- 6004) 
Devoted To Arts, Literature, Poetry And Culture

June 2015 Issue

Deadline - May 15, 2015

Guidelines For Contributors

  • Taj Mahal Review is published in June and December annually.

  • Poems and stories may be submitted by all authors, whether first-time or published writers. The poems (maximum 35 lines), essays, short stories, literary articles and reviews (maximum 2500 words) must be in English. Poems with a special layout should be sent by email as an attachment using Microsoft Word.

  • Haiku may also be submitted. (Maximum 10)

  • Esperanto Essays and Poems with English translations may also be submitted.

  • The matter sent for publication must be an original creation of the author. The plagiarised work should not be submitted. Your submission declares that the work is original, and your own.

  • The contributors are also advised to give their full address, e-mail, and personal profile while submitting their work.

  • World copyright of each writing published will rest with the authors.
    Proudly published by Cyberwit from the finest paper and composing including beautiful cover and design, Taj Mahal Review gives you the finest that the Publishing has to offer. A global feel with poets and writers around the world. An Award and certificate called AZsacra International Poetry Premium For Taj Mahal Review will also be given to selected poets. The Journal will be in the form of Paperback.

  • Guidelines for Artworks Submission:
    The artwork must be an original creation of the artist. Submission to Cyberwit will be assumed ownership of the submitter.
    Send your artwork to us via email with high resolution (Minimum 150 DPI). Each artist will be required to send at least 1-2 paintings (Photos, Paintings and Drawings).
    All artworks (Photos, Paintings and Drawings) may be in B&W only.
    Few words about your artwork.
    A 50-word note on yourself.
    All copyrights remain the property of the artists.

  • Editor
    Dr. Santosh Kumar (India)

    Editorial Advisor
    María Cristina Azcona (Argentina)
    Ban'ya Natsuishi (Japan)

    Managing Editor
    Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal (India)

  • How to submit:
    A.) By email to




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