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VOLUME 6 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2007 (11th Issue)

An International Literary Journal 

Edited by: Dr. Santosh Kumar Binding: Paperback (pp: 600 with a separate section of authors bio) ISSN:
0972-6004  Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days) Publisher: Cyberwit.net, India Pub. Date: June 2007 Cover Art: Ira Joel Haber

This issue features most remarkable Artwork by international artists, Poems, Short Stories, Literary Criticism, Interview, Book Review and more. There is a separate section for Haiku, the smallest literary form that originated in Japan in the 17th century. Due to difference in the syllable structure of English language, 5-7-5 format should  not be mandatory.

The authors whose writings appear in Taj are selected because of their heightened sensibilities as well as their fuller understanding of the postmodern period. The poems and short stories included in this issue reveal the author's response towards our unfortunate times dominated by the murderous and plundering forces. The innocent are knocked to pieces, and strangled. But these unpoetic-seeming things can be material for poetry. The ugliness, squalor and horror of the modern age was a new kind of material for Joyce's Ulysses and Eliot's The Waste Land. Stephen Spender aptly says in his World Within World that the poet "instead of having to set himself apart from his time, could create out of an acceptance of it." For example, several poets selected in this volume have adapted their urban sensibility, with undertones of tedium and fugitive sense-impressions mingled with ironic commentary.

I felt extreme suffering when a gunman killed 33 people in Virginia Tech University (April 16, 2007). The whole world was horrified by the school shootouts. Our beloved earth is groaning under these unbelievable peaks of  violence: "Now days are dragon-ridden, the nightmare / Rides upon sleep" (Yeats). I mourn with the parents of the deceased students. May god rest all the souls in peace.  

My heart is full of gratitude to all the authors whose help and kindness greatly inspire me in this work of editing and selecting. I look forward to receiving your cooperation in the future issues of Taj and thank you again.


We're sorry; this issue is unavailable.

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