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VOLUME 7 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2008 (13th Issue)

An International Literary Journal 

Edited by: Dr. Santosh Kumar Binding: Paperback & Hardback (pp: 524 with a separate section of authors bio) ISSN:
0972-6004  Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days) Publisher: Cyberwit.net, India Pub. Date: June 2008 Front Cover Art: � Michael "Warble" Finucane 

Welcome to the June 2008 TMR! This issue features a collection of poetry, short fiction, artwork, reflections, literary criticism, book reviews etc. The latest issue offers the best of contemporary creative works by famous and emerging talents. A creative artist of today has full liberty in choosing the content and stylistic approach. But unrestrained subjectivism may lead to chaos, and an artist should know where he is going. An increasingly large number of poems received by me for publication in TMR is a testimony to the fact that the future of poetry is immense in this age of tribulation. Poetry is a good substitute for religion and philosophy. "The strongest part of religion is its unconscious poetry. Without poetry our science will appear incomplete; and most of what now passes with us for religion and philosophy will be replaced by poetry" (Matthew Arnold).

I offer my deep condolence at the sad death of famous science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) on March 18, 08. He is renowned for his best novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. I was intensely shocked when a terrorist attack on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 killed 60 people and wounded 200 people at Jaipur, India, a popular tourist city about 260 km from Delhi. The attempt was to cause the maximum damage to human life, because on Tuesday Hindu devotees visit the temples. I offer my sincere condolence and hope such tragedy will never be repeated.

I'm happy to write that both I and Karunesh Kumar Agarwal have been invited to attend the international literary festival being organized at Oslo, Norway in September 18-20, 08. I'm obliged to the organizers of this event of great importance for providing me this opportunity. I hope by grace of God I shall participate and exchange thoughts with several authors who will travel a great distance to experience, write and find inspiration for their future creative ventures. Norway is famous for Ibsen, one of the greatest authors, and also Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset. 

I would like to thank all the contributing artists included in this issue of TMR. I'm obliged to them for their cooperation, kind support, donations and subscriptions. I again express my gratitude to these artists for their useful help in publishing the June 2008 issue of Taj.


Paperback $25 FREE Shipping Worldwide

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