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VOL. 1 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2002 (2nd Issue)

Shakespeare must be studied, not plundered.

-Lessing, Hamburg Dramaturgy, New York, 1962, p. 173.

The December 2002 issue of Taj Mahal Review by, India, pp. 351 is a quality journal devoted to Arts, Literature, Poetry and Culture. Our generation is demanding lots of Poetry. That's why Taj Mahal Journal is so important. The poems in the Journal reveal a sense of mystery and uncommonness in the ordinary objects of nature and human life. 

It is hoped that this issue of Taj Mahal Review will help in sustaining a sense of literature and art. The authors included in TMR reveal the very spirit and soul of great writing. Struggle would exhaust all creative artists, so cooperation is indispensable for evolving a society of world poets to create a world free from violence and hatred.

Poetry should be restored to its honorable place because of the high esteem it has enjoyed since the time of Homer, Dante, Petrarch and others. Among the Romans a poet was called Vates, i.e., a prophet. Let us be united in the cause of Poetry to create a world of Love, Beauty & Freedom.

Santosh Kumar

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