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VOLUME 2 NUMBER 2 DECEMBER 2003 (4th Issue)

An International Literary Journal 

Edited by: Dr. Santosh Kumar Binding: Paperback (pp: 384) ISSN: 0972-6004  Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days) Publisher: Pub. Date: Dec. 2003 Condition: New 

Description: The poems included in Taj Mahal Review, (December 2003) explore a great variety of topics. We find nothing doubtful or pessimistic in several poets, who seem to dwell in the infinite realm of spirit. On the other hand, some poets included in Taj Mahal Review criticize the new dictatorship of materialism over the soul, the cruel values of globalized world, full of people who have become "nothing but naked, eternally restless minds." Many poems in Taj Mahal Review have the subtle appeal of music. The poets appear to be influenced by Aristotle's maxim: "Think like a wise man, but express like the common people." The short stories reveal deft characterization and plot construction marked by psychological intensity. TMR also contains Reflections, Book Reviews, and a separate 23 page section providing biographical details of each author. TMR is beautifully bound, a journal that will compare favorably with several international publications, since it has been designed and produced after a careful copy-editing.

I will not serve that in which I no longer believe whether I call itself my home, my fatherland or my church, and I will try to express myself in some mode of life or act as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defence the only arms I allow myself to use- silence, exile and cunning.

 --James Joyce (1882-1941), A Portrait of the Artist as a Young
                    Man, Ed. by Seamus Deane, Penguin, p. 268-269.       

From The Editor  

Welcome to Taj Mahal Review, December 2003! May every day of this New Year bring you Happiness, Love and Prosperity. Happy New Year! I'm greatly indebted to all the authors, who with their subscription and friendliness made this issue number four possible. Here are several poetic voices trying to unravel "the burthen of the mystery, \ the heavy and the weary weight \ Of all this unintelligible world." The multiple ways connect these poets, short-story tellers and essayists together. A global feel with artists around the world .It is my earnest hope that the impulses, desires, a few admonitions, some brilliant, acute observations will surely comfort our world tormented by the insolence of violence, terrorism, "the whips and scorns of time." Again, I offer my sincere thanks and obligation to the generous artists, who through their kind donations and subscriptions helped us in bringing out this issue.

                                                     SANTOSH KUMAR 


Paperback $20 FREE Shipping Worldwide




Prof. Bill Sherman from NJ, USA is Ph.D. in English & American literature. He has taught at the University of Hull and The University College of Wales. He is the author of Tahitian Journals: In Search Of Taata Mata, published in London by Hearing Eye Press and Editor of Branch Redd Review. Eric Mottram says, "A certain wry self-knowledge surfaces in William Sherman's letters, and its humour and obsession articulates his writing."

These letters by Bill Sherman deal with Postmodernism, one of the most vital issues in contemporary aesthetics.

Letter # 1

Dear Dr. Kumar, 

TMR#3 arrived today.  As always, your publications are beautifully produced.  It was a bit of a shock (albeit a good one) to see my gall-filled peevish (hard not to be peevish in "the belly of the beast" as Che had put it) Letters in print, but perhaps they will take a reader or two to some of the work and issues involved, alluded to...Even though I am now getting up in years, I still hope that I might return to India someday before biting the dust, and if you ever want to set up any lectures/readings/seminars, please don't hesitate to get in touch.....Thank you again for your care, especially in the proof-reading and properly printed phraseologies/spellings of the Letters, and in the Notes section, where you make me appear rather distinguished.  As they say on Rapa Nui (Easter Island):

We Are Nothing, I Salute You!                

Letter # 2 

.your question as to postmodernism, there are so many descriptions and definitions, the best of which DISCLOSE rather than "describe" and you would have to elaborate further for me to comment on your saying it is a "disturbance from within"....I have found Jean-Francois Lyotard's text, THE POSTMODERN CONDITION useful,  as well as an anthology first published in the 1960's and titled THE STRUCTURALIST CONTROVERSY.  Charles Olson, an American poet and historian, believed that the postmodern would come to mean a fullness rather than a fragmentation, but he would be in the minority in this respect.  Personally, I believe that which we have called Modernism began to come to a conclusion with the death of Yeats (1939), the beginning of World War 2, the extermination camps, the use of nuclear weapons; but it is all a continuum, is it not?  And one cannot view it as a linear development from modernism, since, in poetry, the work of Fernando Pessoa  is quintessentially postmodern, and he died in 1935.  Paul Celan would also serve as an example of a postmodern poet....Someone once said: The Postmodern?  Can't we find a better word than that!  Are we still stuck in the 19th century with impressionist/post-impressionist?

 Letter # 3  

I don't know the book to which you refer (Charles Jencks) but yes, it makes a kind of sense.  As Lyotard in The Postmodern Condition: A Report On Knowledge, writes: the postmodern "denies itself the solace of good forms, the consensus of a taste which would make it possible to share collectively the nostalgia for the searches for new presentations not in order to enjoy them but in order to impart a stronger sense of the unpresentable."   re: Shakespeare, all great artists transcend categorization.  Postmodern is a convenient label to be used if helpful. 


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